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South Dakota born and Midwestern raised, I (Bret) was a pastors kid and always helped my dad with media. Growing up I knew media (film, photography, social, and websites) would be a huge part of my life. I pushed myself to take classes revolving around media in High school and once I graduated I did a year of film school in Minnesota followed by 3 years at Southeast Technical Institute (STI) where I graduated with my Associates in Graphic Design. It was during this time at STI God started stirring my heart to go into the missions field.

My wife, Daniella, on the other hand, has lived overseas most of her life. She grew up as a missionary kid in Romania and Macedonia. After 18 years of living overseas, Daniella returned to the states to attend Southwestern Assembly of God University, where she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Intercultural Studies. After graduating, she moved to Clermont, Florida where she was involved in her church and working full-time as a manager at Chick-fil-A when the Lord called her back to Romania. 

So, now you are probably wondering how did a Missionary Kid in Florida and a pastors kid in the midwest end up here together on the missions field. Well, we have Assembly of God World Missions (AGWM) to thank for that. It all started with a class we had to take that involved us to join a video conference call. That is where we first met back in November 2018. Granted we didn’t think much of it at the time. Fast forward a few months to January 2019. At this time we were friends on social media and Daniella saw a post of mine and we started to talk. Then our conversations lead into the NFL Playoff games. Before we knew it we were talking every day. At the end of January, we decided to facetime and ended up talking for hours. A few weeks and many conversations later I finally built up the courage to ask Daniella to be my girlfriend knowing that we would eventually be thousands of miles apart. Daniella finished raising her budget, so on February 13th, she flew to Constanta, Romania to join our missionaries, Justin & Sarah White. As Daniella started getting involved and learning how to do things in Constanta, I was still in the process of finishing raising my funds to get me to Spain. In the meantime, Daniella and I would either facetime or text each other constantly, not knowing when we would meet in person. Fast forward a couple of months, Daniella ended up flying back for her younger brother’s wedding. It was then that we were able to meet and spend time together in person! Her visit was short, but enough for both of us to know that we wanted to see this to the end, to get married when we could. At the time, the thought of getting married seemed so far out, but God had different plans. The Lord opened the door for me to join the team in Constanta, Romania. After some time of praying and fasting, I had peace about switching over to Romania and started the process of getting to Romania. I flew out for Romania on July 1st and landed July 2nd! A month after I arrived, I asked Daniella to marry me and then another month later on August 30th, we tied the knot!  

That brings us to now. We are back in Romania helping Justin and Sarah White. We have taken over the cafe business to help allow Justin to further his focus on the church as it is growing. We all pitch in in every ministry we have from the cafe to the campground we are building. United (the church) is growing and we help there with services. God has been up to some amazing stories that we are excited to share. We will share these stories in the Journal blog page. You can also be sure to sign up for our newsletter that we send out.

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