Where did time go?

What is up everyone! It is crazy how fast may has gone by for me. I feel like it was just graduation and my birthday yesterday. But may is coming to a close in the next couple weeks. It is crazy!

That being said a lot has been going on that has made this month fly by. I have been communicating with churches across South Dakota and doing a lot of itinerating. I have spent days sitting at my desk answering emails and I have spent days out taking care of other things. Along with all of this I am working at my job as well and I have been been busy. 

The craziest thing is trying to get my June fully planned and set. I will be gone most of June besides speaking at Crosswalk Community Church June 2nd and 3rd. It is crazy the amount of things going on. Because after that I will be making my way down to Springfield Missouri where I will be there until the 22nd for training and such. And planning that trip has been stressful. Because it can take a lot of money just for finding somewhere to stay. which can add more stress on things as it gets closer as I am trying to finalize my plans. Then of course right after that I will be making my way from Springfield to the Black Hills as I will be speaking at Lighthouse Assembly of God in Hill City South Dakota. 

It is crazy on how just planning things out can get stressful. But the more I am doing the more used to it and better I will get at it. But if I were not to plan this would be even worse. So always try to make as much plans as you can. Because in the end you will be grateful for it but also don't plan too much as that can become issue as well.

Bret Leininger