The Tree

So something has been spoken over me twice lately. And it has been about a tree. The first time I heard it was in Hill City before I did my service and I didn't think much of it. But then someone else was praying for me the other day and they brought it up. They had no idea what was said that weekend before in Hill City. That's when it struck me that I needed to pay attention and remember what was said. So this is the story of the Tree.


So this is the tree. It stands tall growing tall and green. Its roots go deep to get the nutrients it needs. That is the first point. Let your roots grow deep in God's word. Let him be the food you are after. Go deep and have that strong foundation in his word and him. 

As a tree grows and lives on, it will face many, many, many storms. But with good roots, the tree will stand tall. It will get blown around and may break and lose a few branches. But with a good root system, it will stand and feed and regrow even bigger and better. It may show its wounds from the storm but it grows despite them. It looks ahead at growing and doesn't willow at the past hardship. That is point two.

The tree grows big sometimes its branches may reach off over the fence or into a power line. They go where they shouldn't. But you let the caregiver come and trim off what it is bad and what is going in the wrong direction. You listen to his voice as he reminds you where to grow tall. That is point three. Listen to God's voice and let him guide you and trim you to be the perfect tree. Let him close doors and open others as he helps to keep diseases away and from growing in you to the roots and killing you. Let the caregiver guide and care for you.

That is the story of the tree. That is what was spoken over me twice. And it is now stuck in my head. It has reminded me to ground myself in his word and to let him feed me the right nutrition and to let those roots hold me down in the storm. It reminds me that he is in control and caring for me he is stepping in to fight evil and to make sure I grow the right way in him. 

I hope you also take this to heart. and remind yourself to root yourself in his word and let Him care for you as storms come and we grow in faith.

As Always: Be You, Be Bold, Be Strong

Bret Leininger