Have you ever hit one those points where you just need a day to do nothing and let emotions run? Sometimes it builds up so much that it just needs to break. 

I hit that point finally after a long time from having that break last time I had to take the day and let it all just drop. Take the relief of nothing to happen. I literally curled up in a ball and just let nothing happen. I let fear and doubt run its way in my head and now at end of the day I lift my head up and remind that fear and doubt you have been heard but my God is bigger.  

Now, this may sound weird or just dumb but sometimes that’s what I need in order to regenerate my motivation to get back to the grind. Not only that having the right people in your life that help speak positivity throughout the day helps a lot.  

So I don’t know where you may be at in your life with stress or doubt and if it’s been a struggle. But take a small break. Take a deep breath. And pray. Be reminded God is bigger and you are not alone. Let that connection to Him take the moment to clear up and for Him to connect with you and remind you that you are strong enough with Him in your corner. 

Be you, Be bold, BE STRONG 

Bret Leininger