God called I answered. Would you?

Looking back at this crazy life I’ve had, thats right i call it crazy, I never would have thought everything would have worked straight towards what God has called me to do. And his call may have never showed me the bigger picture until know but every little thing he called me to do if I didn’t answer it and do it, I wouldn’t be where I am right now in my journey.

So let’s go back, way back to me as a little kid when God placed a camera in my hand. So you see God’s call isn’t always verbal. Sometimes he just places something in your hands and you know it has a bigger purpose. When I was like 9 years old I was at home with my mom and my sisters and dad were gone for camp for that week. I picked up the family video camera which at that time was big and had mini vhs tapes you recorded to. But anyways, I picked up that camera and did what they today now call a vlog. I recorded adventures from the last two days my sisters where gone and me playing with my toys and all this and that. Little did I know as that little kid picking up that camera it would be a moment that would lead to now.

So what was the next big moment… lets go back to about 7th-8th grade year. One my older sisters was going to graduate high school. And my family not having a lot of money didn’t want to pay for senior photos so we grabbed the family camera and I grabbed my camera they got me as a gift for Christmas or something like that. We went out took photos. Me being me I took random shots and come to find out they liked mine. Little did I realize that in that moment Photography had official become part of me.

So what did God use to verify that media should be in my life… Well you see this is the interesting part. In high school I took couple photography classes and a video graphics class. I didn’t know which way I wanted to go. Well in both instances I helped teach they second level class while being in that class… So that was God telling me that Photography and video would be apart of my life. But little did I realize that.

So enter in college. I thought film would be the thing for me so I went to college for one year where I was learning about making movies and videos. I even was in a class meant for the upper classmen and I even helped on their final projects. But little did I realize God had a different plan. to where I prayed and at the end of that one year I felt God call me back home. Man did I find that that seemed like a backwards step in life. I tried different schools around home Until I landed in a tech school learning about Graphic Design. Honestly, that was probably the weirdest thing for me. Going from photography to video now all sudden I feel at peace with God learning Graphic design. But I did it.

Now you see this is where God really called me and finally showed me a bigger part of my life. It was coming up on my last year at school before I would graduate. I didn’t know what I was going to do. So I prayed. And God was like Hey let’s get you over seas into the missions field. And I was but thats far away I don’t know. and God finally hit in back the head and was like this where I want you to go. So I slightly reluctantly said ok.

And that my friends brings me to where I am right now. Fundraising to go into the field. And more and more funds I raise and the more and more I realize this is out of my hands and all in Gods hands, the more and more I have faith and no doubts that the call I answered reluctantly at the end is where I am supposed be. It all leads up to this one big thing of going into the missions field. I never would have thought about it growing up. But this is where i need to be and need to go. BUT I can not do it alone. God has called me and I know the call he has set me on, But i need your help to get me to where He has called me. Any little gift or monthly support helps change lives and breaks the chains holding people captive from God. Can you help me? Help me reach where God wants me to be? Be a part of a change in the world. Be a part of the start of what I believe God has set to be a revival in Spain. Let us answers Gods call together.

Bret Leininger