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Let me be honest...

Let me be honest…

As February has come to close and the beginning of march is here I have to be honest. I am basically like one month away from when I am wanting and have planned to leave for Spain. The end of April has been the goal for the last year of itinerating. I have been working hard to get the funds I have gotten and This journey has definitely tested my faith. But still, I am getting Nervous, scared, and maybe a little doubtful.

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Remember to outline.

As a designer we are always learning. As a new designer you learn a lot. But even after you have learned the basics, sometimes you still forget a step. For me i found that to be true over this summer.

I have been continuing pushing myself to create things over this summer. From logos to slides for a website I help run for my church. I have been creating something. And it was until lately that i had lost that why factor to why I create anything. As summer began, I opened up an online t-shirt store

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