Bret Leininger


Growing up, I moved to many different places as my dad pastored various churches. Each church was unique, a place all of its own, but one thing was certain the technology booth was always where I felt the most at home. Looking back, I can clearly see how technology has changed over time and how that technology has impacted the church. Technology has completely changed the way the world sees and embraces the church. From film to photography and art to digital design, media has become a vital part of my life, but it has always been integrated into my faith. It is a way to tell the world that Jesus loves them. Earning a degree in graphic design, I have been able to interact with all types of media and have been able to see just how much it can impact a life. Whether it be in the form of a song, a video, a presentation, a photo, or a logo design, technology has the power to change our lives. As my brother-in-law stated, "show them the world in a way they have never been shown before." This has become my mission. To show everyone the world in a way they have never seen before, a way that points them back to God. 



No matter where I go or whatever  I do, I will do it all for the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

Where am I in my itinerating?

Monthly Commitments: $3,932

One Time Expenses: $29,582

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